Republic of the Philippines

City of San Juan, Metro Manila


Mayor Pic01

Within her is a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless wisdom. History guides her with life-giving messages. She touches the soul with humble simplicity.


Her story is the journey of the city she serves from her heart.


Because her leadership is servitude first and last, with intense humility, she offers her selfless dedication to a cause greater than herself. A cause that is magnanimous because it is for the people… a cause that is honorable because it is of the people… a cause that is noble because it is by the people.


As a woman, a mother and the Mayor of the City of San Juan, the greater demand of her service contains a greater measure of sacrifice because there is nothing she would not do or give for the sake of caring for the city she loves… and you all know how the history of her love for San Juan has gone through the length of many decades past, until this very day.

The Servant-Leader we all look up to, MAYOR GUIA G. GOMEZ.






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