San Juan Fire Department


The Bureau of Fire Protection is in charged with the duties and responsibilities of enforcing the fire code as well as imposing all provisions related to fire prevention. It provides services that are aimed at the prevention of loss of life and property .

In the City of San Juan, with Chief Inspector Gilbert D. Dolot, as its Chief Fire Marshall, the bureau’s vision is a world class fire protection agency working towards a progressive society and chores to protect and suppress destructive fires, investigate it’s causes, provide emergency medical and rescue services and enforce fire related laws with active involvement of the community.

And to have a better understanding of its mission and vision, the services include public education by way of having annual activities of community involvement such as:

  1. Fire Prevention Month Celebration. Done every month of March that includes The Barangay Fire Olympics which the organization takes pride in claiming that only in the  City of  San Juan has continuously been doing it for four consecutive  years now. This activity is participated in by the 21 barangays of San Juan where participants gathered together not just to promote camaraderie among the competitors but to significantly understand the value and importance of what the firefighters are doing just to save lives and properties. It also promotes physical fitness among the contestants. Hence, the people may know and be cognizant of the dangers and hazards destructive fires can bring.
  2. December 24 and 31 Oplan Iwas Paputok. This is a bureau’s program in ensuring public safety during the yuletide season. The objectives of the program is to support the DOH’s campaign in reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by fireworks/firecracker use, indiscriminate firing of guns, firecracker powder ingestion and fireworks-related non-neonatal tetanus in relation to the Yuletide celebration.
  3. Kiddie Fire Marshall. This aims to teach the children to learn fire safety rules, what to do in the event of a fire, fire safety drill lessons and learn that lighters and matches are not toys.

The following are the 5 Fire San Juan Stations location and telephone numbers.

1.      Central Fire Station                         725 20 79        P.Guevarra St.Santolan Road

2.      P1 Fire Sub Station                         725 20 95        Santolan Rd, West Crame

3.      Greenhills Fire Station                    345 42 34        Greenhills Shopping Center

4.      Hoover Fire Station                          497 50 12        Hoover St.Bgy.Addition Hills

5.      Agora Fire Station                             721 66 55        Agora Parking Plaza