Available F.I.N.D.S. at Sabado Mercado in San Juan City

Here’s why you should come to Sabado Mercado

Located at the historic Pinaglabanan Shrine in San Juan City, Sabado Mercado has a lot of things to offer to its customers. Aside from the historic beauty of the place, it is now rich in products that truly captivates our cravings.

It has been more than a month since the San Juan City Weekend Market launched. And so far, it has not failed to impress the standards of the meticulous buyers. They have been coming back and forth just to grab their favorite items.  

If you haven’t visited the market yet, here are the reasons why you should go to Sabado Mercado:


Do you want to make sure that what you buy is fresh? Visit Sabado Mercado where everything is fresh. It offers fresh meat, fresh seafoods, fresh eggs, organic products, and many more. For all the healthy eaters, here is the perfect place for you.


Are you on a budget but still want to eat something that will satisfy your taste buds? Food and products are very affordable. For only a 100 pesos, you can already have a decent meal that you will surely ask and come back for more.


Are you looking for something beyond your usual expectation? New food ideas and new products that can only be seen and found here are available at Sabado Mercado. This is also the newest hang out place every Saturday that you should not miss.


Are you craving for something delicious? A wide variety of food products are available at the San Juan City Weekend Market. Definitely a lot of must-tries when you visit Sabado Mercado. From delicious meals, viands, delicacies, pastries, and street food to thirst quenching beverages that will make your tummy happy.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Customers come back every Saturday to try the different stalls has to offer. Most importantly, no traffic and no congestion.

Experience the Best of San Juan! Visit us every Saturday from 7am to 2pm at the San Juan City Weekend Market located at the Pinaglabanan Shrine, in front of the San Juan City Hall.

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