St., Barangay Batis, San Juan City





          Current Barangay residents are not aware of the any spring of clear water that can account for name of BATIS. According the old residents, the area had creeks and rivulets during their time, wherein clean water flowed. Actually bordering San Juan River as it does, it is not at all unlikely that the area had rivulets and creeks feeding in the water way. People neigh boring Barangay especially on high land are coming here because of the clear water. They enjoy so much, the cold water coming from the rivulets especially on summer days. Women used wash clothes at the riverbanks. It is also the favourite place for the person who loves swimming because of the clear water flowing down the river, and it also inhabited by The main reason why the placed named “BATIS” is because of the presence of creeks and rivulets and the clear river. Over the years the place has been transformed. Many factories has been built even in the riverbanks, and because of progress, w can no longer sees creeks and rivulets and once the clear river.


            Barangay Batis is 4th out of 21 Barangay in the City of San Juan in terms of Land Area, with 35.0951 hectares (3.5 sq.kl.) it is situated at the south of R.J Fernandez St., east of F. Blumentritt, west of San Juan River, and north of the “Tubo” or the water pipe of San Juan. With the population of 9,204 and estimated annual income Php 7,364,039.71. At the present day, Barangay Batis is now divided into 21 streets: R. Fernandez, F. Blumentritt, A. Rita, San Carlos, San Luis, San Mauricio, Col. San Miguel, San Pablo, A Villa, San Rafael, San Jose, J. Wright, R. Pascual, S. Tuano, Gen. Malvar, Gen Bautista, Valenzuela, E. Fernandez, m. Salvador, Tuberias, F. Manalo.