M. Cruz St., Barangay Progreso, San Juan City



During the Spanish regime, this place was then called a “ balangay “ or “ barangay “ which was the headed by

cabeza de barangay “. However, when the Americans came I, this place was then change from “ Barangay” to “ barrio” and is headed by a “ Tenyente del Baryo “. During the Pre-Spanish times, Progreso and Rivera as one small village found in San Juan which became a small encomienda in 1950.


When the Philippines acquired its Independence with the Americans, this barrio now becomes an agency of the

government by virtue of Batas Pambansa blg. 337 otherwise known a 1983 Local Government Code and Republic Act 3590. Otherwise known as Barangay Charter.


Barangay Progreso as an agency of the government, directly plans its project and programs of the government. The

ideas, suggestion and perception of its constituent are also being studied and implements.


The Barangay Progreso is headed by one person only. Now, under the Republic Act 7160 otherwise known as the Local

Government Code of the Philippines, Barangay Progreso is now composed of Barangay Chairperson, Seven (7) kagawads, Sangguniang ng Kabataan, Treasurer, Secretary.


The civic leaders of the Barangay have been always supportive on the different activities sponsored by the City Government and Parish.