San Perfecto St., Barangay San Perfecto, San Juan City

Tel. Nos. (02)383-6635



Barangay San Perfecto is right after the boundary of the City of Manila and the Municipality of San Juan. It is very near the historical of San Juan Bridge The revise logo of the Barangay was formally launched last January 1. 2012 and it is currently used in all of its correspondence.


Legal basis of creation/ date of approval : Legend


Land uses ( in has ) :

  • Commercial 0.3000 has.
  • Residential 5.9769 has.
  • Institutional 0.4718 has.

Total land area : 8.0332 in covering the total land area


Population (actual or based on projection-profile year ): 4,293

Registered voters ( at the end of profile year ) : 3,693 Or 85% total registered voter/s in the Barangay.


Based on the 2010 census, the Barangay has an estimated population of 4,106 of the total population 54.8% or 2,254 are females and the 45.2% or 1,852 males. There is a total number of 1,642 families or 821 household.


Major percentage religious denomination in the barangay is the Roman Catholic with 84%, the protestant with a 10%, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and Islam with 1%.


The basic facilities and offices available in the barangay is the Barangay hall with the office of Punong Barangay, Office of the Barangay Treasurer and Secretary, the health Center, office of the senior Citizen and the Day Care Center. Brgy, outpost, Two (2) Basketball court located at the streets of san Venancio and Tuberias cor. Victory and also a half court in san Perfecto Bridge.


The Educational Institution available in the barangay is the public school which is the San perfecto elementary School; the private school is the Florida Institute & SKILLS and the san Perfecto Day Care Center.


The Barangay is celebrating the foundation Day which is San Perfecto Day every 18th of January of every year to give recognition to the Feast of Black Nazarene.


We dream of a responsible barangay gender sensitive, god-fearing, environment-friendly, and sensitive to the need of the constituent and a barangay that we proudly provide 7k program of the City Government.


Our Barangay is duly constituted government body, is committed to ba a responsible barangay that practice good governance with transparency inspired by a culture of excellence and service; using its legislative, law enforcement and quasi-judicial powers to maintain peace and order, progress, livelihood, health and sanitation, family care and aided by efficient information technology; maintaining a community environment friendly to all.


• To draw up a Barangay Development Plan which will have a long term benefits to the Barangay Constituents.

• To develop an organizational strategy that will be effective in optimizing and maximizing the delivery of services.

• To strengthen the constituent participation in the management and delivery of services by widening the memberships of the working committees of the Sangguniang Barangay,

• To deliver service and manage the barangay with transparency, accountability and with the general welfare of our constituents as the foremost considerations.

• To constantly be in compliance of the requirements of the law and the government institutions concerned with barangay governance and operations.