231 Ortega St., Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan City

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         Our barangay was an agricultural land that belonged to the municipality of San Felipe Neri. In the 1930’s it was converted to a residential subdivision by a group of American businessmen. The majority of the original lot buyers were their friends. And up to 70’s many American families still resided in our barangay.

           The streets ( as in subdivision today) were theme-named according to the famous people, places and events of the First World War. Thus, you have Argonne (famous battle), Lloyd George ( British Prime Minister at that time), Hoover (U.S. Stateman at that time), Kitchener (now C.M. Recto) (British General), Maude (French town and Wilson (U.S. President etc.Other streets have been renamed in interest of nationalism.


            The corner of pilar, Ortega and Zamora Streets is said to be the highest point in Metro Manila. It affords a panoramic View of the city and in 1941, it made a perfect observation post for the Japanese Army. The Japanese took over the residence of a well-to-do American located there, and made it their headquarters and residence of one of their generals. This was usually the most comfortable home in town. Waterous Hospital was made a field hospital for Japanese troops during the Battle of Manila in 1945.

            After the war, the government took over the house that the Japanese had made their headquarters and leased it to an old Spanish couple. The Original owner could no longer be located. In its large yard, the new residents kept deer, sheep and geese. Waterous Hospital became a convalescent home for U.S. Servicemen, and they would takes strolls in the neighborhood. Sometime in the 50’s, the municipality of San Felipe Neri was abolished. Its jurisdiction was divided between Mandaluyong and San Juan, “added” to the two neighboring Municipalities. Thus, we have Addition Hills San Juan and Addition Hills Mandaluyong.