Santolan Road, Barangay Isabelita, San Juan City




It used to be known as Isablita Heights Subdivision, 3.4 hectares lot area owned and developed by the Barredo family. The subdivision has all quick and easy access to San Juan’s public market, church and public schools.

In 1971, during the incumbency of the Barangay Captain then, the late Emilio Hubilla and through the many infrastructure projects of then, Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada (whom also became President of the Philippines), the whole six streets of the subdivision were cemented, properly lighted and drainage were properly built. It was during the year that the first Barangay Hall was built along the Santolan Road to serve as Office of the Barangay Officers and as venue for the Barangay Projects. Such projects ranged from medical, sport, livelihood and many more.With such infrastructure projects, the subdivision’s name was subsequently changed to Barangay Isabelita.

The Barangay, although small in comparison to other Barangays, prides itself with many colorful stories. It is in this place where the Ramax Plastic Factory established its name as one of the income generating establishment for the Barangay. The factory was owned by the well known Virata clan. The factory’s sprawling grounds served as playground for small children and the clubhouse was made available to the residents for various barangay activities when the Barangay Hall is not existence then. The famous fleet of Yellow taxi, hundreds of them was likewise residents of the Barangay for so many years. Likewise, the red and orange buses of Mambusco had their office and garage in the Barangay along Pinaglabanan Extension and the other part now is E. Hubilla Street.

The Barangay offers peace and tranquility for its residents then and when the night comes and the full moon shares its lights all over the barangay. The children enjoyed playing taguan, habulan and even patintero at night time and daytime Tumbang Preso and Luksong Tinik.

The Barangay also had a share of the municipality’s air pollution coming from the stink garbage at the nearby “tunnel” but today the stinking air seems to lessen with improvement of Pinaglabanan Shrine that offers a humble park for the residents of San Juan especially for the Barangay Isabelita. Likewise, Baragay Isabelita is home to Gat Andres Bonifacio’s Monument, a symbol of Love to Country and Courage. Such landmark makes the Barangay residents proud of its historical affiliation with fallen hero.